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Do you EXCEED your client’s expectations? What are some of the “extras” you do for your clients?

Posted on: November 25th, 2013 by Michael Lepage No Comments

Author: Michelle Walker, Manager, Conference Services, Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario

Day in and day out we fulfill our client requests.  They need 3 break-out rooms we give them 3 breakout rooms.  Clients ask for a working lunch menu, we give them a working lunch menu.  They need 5000 sq ft  of trade show space, we book that for them too.  They need a data-projector, we arrange to have it set up in their meeting venue.  I think we do a darn good job at giving clients what they ask for, but do we EXCEED their expectations?  Do we give them anything extra?  Do you take the time to ask yourself what little thing could you do to go above and beyond what they are expecting?  What makes your service, your venue stand out from your competitor down the street, across the province or across the nation?

Have you thought of anything? 

It could be something as little as hand creams and hairsprays in the women’s washrooms the night of a big banquet, or mints and mouth wash in the men’s.  What about a washroom attendant?  Get a local Spa or Salon company to sponsor the service.

Student ushers?  Maybe you have a volunteer or student Ambassador club on campus that needs to contribute volunteer hours.   Could they assist as doormen, ushers or tour guides getting delegates from one venue to another?

 How do you exceed your client’s expectations?  Please share your ideas with us!

Michelle Walker, Manager, Conference Services, Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario
Telephone: 705-474-3450, etx. 2900

Identity Crisis

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Author: Wendy Brost, Summer & Group Accommodations, MacEwan University Residence

Does it ever feel like your property is having an identity crisis? What are we? Are we a hotel? Are we a hostel? Are we an apartment building? When you have thousands of people coming through the doors all expecting and wanting different things, can we be all things to all people?  I say heck ya! Why can’t we be all things to all people?

If there is one thing that I think we have gotten good at is just that….being all things. For the guests who are booking and wanting more of hotel feel…we gave it to them. Having specific floors with upgraded linens, kitchen amenities and upscale service and rates…..for the youth and sports groups who want to come in and out with convenience and thrift we created floors with basic linens and economic meal plans, with the added convenience of turning the lobby into a full service banquet area. For the guests who are looking to stay monthly we have created suites that include TV’s, full service kitchens, convenient monthly parking and access to our Sports and Wellness Centre. We have successfully diversified our market.

That is the beauty of having the type of property we do…we can be all things to all people. Most hotels cannot offer this many different types of service. I think instead of calling it an identity crisis we need to call it endless opportunities. We can be a temporary home for that family waiting for their new house to be built, we can be a hostel to that school group who wants to be in an economical, safe and secure environment, we can be that athlete village for major sporting events in our cities and we can be that place the University President is proud to host their guests …we really can be all things to all people and we need to take pride in that not so small feat.

Wendy Brost, Summer & Group Accommodations, MacEwan University Residence
Telephone: 780-633-3623

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