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CUCCOA Conference Keynote: Shine Bright Like a Diamond

How Conference Services is Key to Supporting Institutional Goals
posted on Sep 14, 2023

Conference operations create significant revenue streams and recruit students to their institutions. Not only are on-campus conferences an important and significant source of revenue, but a well-run conference operation can provide much-needed visibility to prospective students.  Additionally, these programs support essential functions on campuses such as commencement, reunions, and other university-wide events that fulfill university missions and goals. This session will discuss the key role of conference services and share examples of how colleges across the country are benefiting from robust conference operations. 

 Learning objectives: 

  1. Discover ways conference operations are bringing in revenue
  2. Learn about your role in the financial viability of your institution
  3. Acquire the tools needed to advocate for your department on campus


Check out the conference program at https://cuccoa.org/ConfProgram.html

There's still time to register at https://cuccoa.org/cgi/page.cgi/ConfRegistration.html 

We hope to see you there!