What is CUCCOA?


CUCCOA stands for The Canadian University and College Conference Organizers Association. Promoting conference services for member institutions is only part of what we do. Members also enjoy opportunities for professional development, networking, and access to shared resources. We believe that together we can be better and CUCCOA is here to help make that happen.

Our Past

Today, CUCCOA members enjoy a national voice, as well as support in growing the business of conferencing at their respective institutions. But this was not always the case. We had our beginnings over three decades ago (in 1978) when a group of conference organizers from Canadian colleges and universities recognized the need for a national association that could unite and represent their colleagues from coast to coast. Without their original interest in building and organization that could allow us all to prosper, you wouldn't be able to enjoy our many benefits now.

Our Present

Since those early days, The Canadian University and College Conference Organizers Association has expanded to serve over 80 members across Canada. The vision of those original founding members has been realized and now CUCCOA engages in communication, marketing and advocacy activities for the benefit of our industry. Members share their vast knowledge of conferences and events, along with best practices. Our national marketing strategy allows members to choose the initiatives they believe will best attract their targeted clientele, while stretching their individual marketing and advertising budgets further. We now serve a membership that spans the country and have classified our three regions into The Atlantic Region, The Central Region and The Western Region.

Our Future

Working together has proven to make us stronger, and we plan to continue that as we move forward. We strive to continually improve how we serve our members, and in turn to improve how they can serve their customers and clients. Use CUCCOA to take your facility or institution to new levels of success. That's what we're all about.

Affiliations and Partnerships

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