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Call for Presenters re: Speaker Series

posted on Jun 17, 2021

We sent out a survey asking suggested speaker topics that you would be interested in and came back with the following suggestions.  I have listed the suggestions below and I am looking for potential speakers that may be interesting in presenting on any of the listed topics below or who may be able to suggest a speaker for a session listed below. 

Based on responses, I will then work to schedule a virtual speaker series session for June/July/August.

  • Sharing of plans for fall 2021
  • Reopening plans for September
  • Status of summer accommodation business
  • Info for those who have introduced new technology-what does the future look like?
  • Panel discussion-marketing campaign strategies for re-opening post COVID on a low budget
  • Processes in place for international students the need to self isolate before fall-Universities using hotels?
  • Lessons learned from the past outbreak? How to recover, measures in place
  • Risk Management and Liability-protecting youth in camp accommodations, operating quarantine housing, protocols
  • How to tell your story so you can increase visibility on campus-talent management-develop recruitment ideas
  • How to navigate campus politics to create buy in and developing partnerships both internally and externally
  • What long term business practices will become permanent in operation going forward
  • Vaccines and how this be handles in a congregate setting
  • Check in’s –Virtual/Hybrid conference roundtable, updates from members, wellness check

I look forward to hearing from all you amazing speakers out there!!  This is such a great opportunity to share your knowledge of a topic or to gather a group together to discuss in a roundtable format.  Come back with you ideas and we can make it happen!

Sarah Johnston  CMP 
Western Regional Director