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CUCCOA Award Winners

posted on Oct 25, 2022

The CUCCOA Board of Directors is proud to announce the following 2022 Award Winners:

Award for Excellence and Leadership- Julia McDevitt, UNB Fredericton

Members Choice Award- Lisa Kanavaros, UBC Vancouver


The CUCCOA Award of Excellence & Leadership is awarded to an individual, who has demonstrated a high level of commitment and outstanding leadership in the field of conferencing at their institution, and/or with the CUCCOA association. The recipient will be a member in good standing with CUCCOA, whose accomplishments include attendance and participation in the association, including mentoring new members, providing list serve feedback, leading a session for peers, and overall outstanding contributions to the membership and growth of CUCCOA.


The CUCCOA Members Choice Award is an open award category for members to recognize themselves or colleagues for outstanding work. The recipient will be a member in good standing with CUCCOA. Some ideas may include an award for a dynamic marketing piece, successful FAM program, new business initiative, or something else that has contributed to the success of the institution or association.